Monthly Archives: October 2015

Aiming for better returns

Taking risk with some of your money to achieve a sustainable retirement income Sourcing a sustainable retirement income is essential, but you also have more options than ever before to help you find a solution. After you have made adequate provision for your essential needs, you may want to consider… Read More»

Untapped property wealth

4.8 million retirees are ‘going without’ The British would like to have three quarters of their working income in retirement. However, pensions remain an obscure topic for many, and 44% have not yet started to save for retirement [1].

It’s good to talk

When was the last time you discussed the family’s finances? The unexpected death of a spouse can lead to considerable financial problems if the surviving partner is not fully aware of the state of the family’s finances. All too often, couples do not fully discuss the implications of the death… Read More»

Financial decisions

Flexibility to use your pension pot in the way that suits your needs Working out how to make adequate financial provision for retirement is one of the most important financial decisions most of us will ever face. However, it can be a daunting topic, and the options may seem overwhelming.… Read More»

Carrying financial burdens into retirement

Have we become a nation comfortable with debt? Almost one third of retired people were still carrying debt at the point they gave up full-time work according to research[1] from YouGov and Old Mutual Wealth. The findings showed that the average amount of debt held at the point of retirement… Read More»